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What are your favorite kinds of Christmas (or substitute whatever winter holiday you might celebrate) cookies? Recipes would be greatly appreciated, but even just a few types you really love (and associate with the winter holliday season specifically) would be awesome. I'm trying to decide what to bake for family and neighbors, and I'd like an assortment of at least 4-5 cookies/treats, but I don't know what to make!

I was thinking about Peppermint Fudge Brownies, for one.

ETA - I'm going to make this into a resource post.

Diana's Desserts Christmas recipes
Diana's Desserts Hannukah recipes
Mrs Field's semi-finalist cookies

Culinary in the Desert's holiday treats post (links to most of the recipes included)
Soundingsea's yummys from 2005

An easy treat we made last year that everyone loved - Chocolate Pretzel Chews - we did ours with red and green M&Ms instead of the pecans, but I've read you can use all sorts of things. Kids can help, even with pressing the M&Ms down into the hot caramel as long as you have them do the pressing with a chopstick or something. The boy loved helping to make them, they were super simple and very popular.

Other recipes I might try:
Nutty Caramels
Meringue Snowflakes (Probably too time intensive, but SO PRETTY.)

Things the boy could help with:
Hot Chocolate cones
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We still do stockings in our family (for Mr WG and I as well as the boy) because... well, I don't know, because they're festive, I guess. And I like shopping for little things that will fit in a stocking but are interesting/practical. Still, I find that I buy the same things year after year (with minor variations) and I'd like to create a master list from which to draw inspiration. So I was hoping people might be willing to participate in some brainstorming?

Ideas so far... please help me! )


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