Dec. 12th, 2007 12:00 pm
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(At first I said drabbles but I'm not in the right mindset to count words.)

First person to comment gets a ficlet. Name a pairing (or a couple of characters) and something else to give me some direction! You know, a mood or an object or whatever. A line from a poem or song, even.
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I did manage to write a few ficlets the other day.

Stargate Atlantis ficlets )

Jossverse ficlets )
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[ profile] flaming_muse asked for comment fic the other day, and I finally got around to providing her with some today. That said, I'd love love love if anyone wanted to leave *me* some comment fic. Please?

I shall encourage you by re-posting the S/X ficlet I wrote for fm:

"What the hell is that?" Spike asked, frowning.

"It's a star." Xander sounded defensive, as well he should; the bloody thing he was wiring to the top of the tree looked more like something that belonged in the rubbish bin than anything else.

"Right," Spike said. He slouched down onto one end of the couch and took out his battered pack of smokes.

Xander glanced at him from his precarious position on the chair. "You can't do that in here," he said.

"Do what?" Spike asked.

"Smoke." Xander fiddled with the bent cardboard and tattered foil again.

Spike frowned so hard that he could feel it in his forehead. "Since when?"

"Since we have a Christmas tree," Xander said irritably.

"There are trees all over the planet, love," Spike said.

"Yeah, but most of them are still attached to their roots. They're, you know, alive. This one's a dried out bunch of tinder in the shape of a tree." Xander put his hands on his hips and tilted his head, looking at the top of the tree critically. "Does that look straight?"

Spike snorted. "Nothing in this house is straight."

"Shut up." Xander said it like he didn't even have to think about it, turned and reached for the star again, and teetered so alarmingly on the chair that Spike shot to his feet and grabbed Xander's waist to steady him.

"Careful there," Spike said, his voice low.

Xander blinked down at him, eyes fringed with dark lashes. "Willow helped me make it," he explained. "When we were ten."

"Ah." Spike didn't need to say anything else; just stroked his hand along Xander's hip and stood there, the two of them pressed together, warm.
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I took some requests for ficlets this morning and here is the results of the Jossverse requests. There were a few I didn't get to (I might still go back to them if inspiration strikes me, but tonight I'm done.)

Jossverse ficlets, including Firefly )


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