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Sunday - Potato-onion-spinach frittata with a sprinkle of cheese. Yum. Definitely a success.

Monday - Whole wheat pasta with zuchini and tomato sauce. I didn't cook the zuchini long enough and it was seriously al dente -- beyond al dente -- and it grossed me out. Then the rest of the meal grossed me out too because it was touching the zuchini, so I couldn't eat it. Yugh.

Tuesday - Fish (tilapia) with brown rice and asparagus. I floured the fish and fried it. Eh. The fish was fine, the brown rice was BORING, the asparagus was about two weeks too late into the season. The fish was better when sprinkled with Emeril's Essence (Bam! Seriously, I can't even think about 'Emeril's Essence' without giggling. Wink wink nudge nudge say no more) and doused with lemon juice.

Wednesday - Chicken and mushrooms cooked in a combination of white wine, balsamic vinegar and basil over egg noodles. Yum.

Thursday - Tofu curry. Coconut milk, cubed tofu, curry, spinach and cilantro over brown rice. Um... ew. It was too bland (flavor) and spicy (heat) at the same time, and I hardly ate any of it before giving up.

So far we're only running about 50-50, which isn't impressive. And I'm bored and out of my element. Bleh.
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I don't feel it in my stomach or esophagus, but the ENT assures me that the thing causing me to feel like I've got a baseball stuck in my throat just under my adam's apple is acid reflux. I take medication for it every morning but it doesn't always seem to help. I'm doing some of the things I'm supposed to -- given up greasy and spicy foods for the most part, don't drink soda, cut way back on caffeine, head of bed is tilted up 6 inches, etc -- and they don't always seem to be helping either.

One thing that always seems to set me off is eating hummus and tortilla chips, so I wondered if it might be a corn sensitivity. I tried eating hummus with pretzel sticks instead and still had a similar reaction, though. I just had popcorn this afternoon and now it's awful. I'm thinking it could still be corn, although the garlic in the hummus is another likely culprit because I've always been sensitive to garlic. Anyway, I'm going to try to keep track here in LJ to see if I can sort it out. Any suggestions are appreciated at any time.


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