May. 7th, 2013

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Wanted to wish a very happy birthday to the lovely and supportive [ profile] janedavitt.

Click for fun! )

Wishing you the most wonderful of birthdays!

(Also, I am totally writing you birthday fic, but am only halfway done. *Sheepish grin*)
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The sound of my cat licking his own junk IN THE NEXT ROOM is so loud that I just had to turn up the volume on the TV to cover it up. OMG.

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32. The Walking Dead Book 8 by Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard. Very good, though I'm starting to think it won't be the end of the world (ha!) if this series doesn't go on forever. Found out Kirkman also wrote some kind of superhero comic called Invincible - has anyone read it?

33. The Ice Cradle: A Novel of the Ghost Files by Mary Ann Winkowski & Maureen Foley. Bought this at a secondhand store. Surprisingly good and totally worth the $7 I paid for it. Will look for others in the series.

34. Penpal by Dathan Auerbach. Ehhhhh. It was okay. I enjoyed reading it for the most part but the big reveal at the end was meh.

35. Ace of Cakes by Duff Goldman and Willie Goldman. Fun, lots of cool photos.


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