Jan. 9th, 2013

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Okay, so the tropes I'm least excited about are the AUs. I could most easily manage the au:fantasy (though most of the fandoms I'd be writing in already have a fantasy element to them) or au:all-human (though the fandom for that one would be limited, I guess, to Angel, unless anyone can suggest any others I've written in that I'm not thinking of) tropes. I'm not really into au:daemons, au:steampunk, au:band (I would have no idea what to do with that, LOL) or au:circus (ditto.)

Without actually having any ideas, my best shots for completing a bingo are probably:

Fuck or Die + Locked In + Free Space + Snowed In + Accidental Marriage

Fuck or Die + Handcuffed/bound together + Virginfic/Secretly a Virgin + Secret Twin/Doppelganger + Sharing a Bed

Au: All-Human + Day at the Beach + Free Space + In Vino Veritas/Drunkfic + Presumed Dead

Mistletoe Kiss + Snowed In + In Vino Veritas/Drunkfic + Secret Relationship + Secret Twin/Doppelganger

I guess since there are a few commonalities between these, to increase my chances of hitting a bingo I ought to focus at first on Fuck or Die, Snowed In, In Vino Veritas/Drunkfic, or Secret Twin/Doppelganger.

The main fandoms I'm thinking are Buffy, Angel, Supernatural, SGA, Torchwood, Firefly, Sentinel, and Sherlock. But so far I have no specific ideas. If anyone else has suggestions for me, I would be very grateful if you'd share them, and I promise to return the favor!


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